The International Conference on Internet of Things and Intelligent Network [ITIN 2024]

*The detailed program will be emailed to you after registration deadline. Actual time arrangement may be a little different according to participant numbers.The offline event address will be determined one month in advance.

All activities related to this conference will be held in JUNYI Dynasty Hotel! (87 Luoyu Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan, China)

Conference Registrations: Contact With Miss Ding
TEL: 027-87687777    Email:
Note: Participants are requested to make reservations one month to two weeks in advance.

Conference Schedule (The specific situation will depend on the attendances):

Oct. 18
13:00-17:00Check in / 入住签到
Oct. 19





Speeches of Keynote Speakers


Oral Presentations


Oct. 2009:00-18:00Academic Discussion

Keynote speeches

The length of the keynote speech is 25+5min discussion, Computer projection facilities will be provided using Microsoft PowerPoint. Each speaker will attend the conference according to the time listed in the program book and deliver speeches related to our conference topic. At the same time, all attendees are welcome to actively participate in the discussion!

Oral presentations

The length of the Oral presentation is 10+5min discussion, Computer projection facilities will be provided using Microsoft PowerPoint. A conference staff will be present at the registration table on Oct. 18th to collect presentations; a copy of your presentation can transfer through flash drive. Through the whole conference schedule, staff member will be available at the registration table to help, if updating needs, presentation authors should contact to make change before the start of their secession.

Poster presentations

Poster will be on view during the whole conference schedule. The poster boards are suitable for the size of 0.6×1.6 M mounted in portrait. Please hand over your poster to the conference staff on Oct. 18th, Conference staff will help to put it up.